Brent Pennington discovered his love of photography as a teen.  He received his first digital camera in high school – a terrible Nikon point & shoot, which he carried on treks throughout the mountains of central Vermont.

As a second-year university student, he made two important decisions: he purchased his first DSLR (a Canon 300D), and he gained an internship with the university photographer.  He spent the next three years with a camera is his hand whenever he wasn’t in class.

During his internship, he covered campus concerts & events, completed his first photo essay project, was TA for the university’s film photography course, and even assisted with a shoot in a NASA clean room.

What began as an internship turned into a long-term freelance assignment with the university, which extended past Pennington’s graduation.  In fact, his first real job after college was as a freelance assistant campus photographer, a position he held for several months before moving to Pennsylvania.

Once relocated in the Keystone State, he continued work as a professional freelance photographer, partnering with a multitude of individuals and organizations in the greater Scranton region.

Highlights of this time include an assignment with the PA Department of Tourism’s online publication “The Savvy Grouse,” his participation with NEPA BlogCon, and his status as the official photographer of The Vintage, a local all-ages arts venue.

Pennington’s photographic focus aligns with his hobbies; an amateur naturalist and avid kayaker, he pursues wildlife and nature photography, and more recently has immersed himself in macro photography.

He is also a woodworker, opportunistic astronomer, and long-time fiction writer.  He continues to reside in Scranton with his wife and two cats, and works with both long-standing clients and like-minded organizations and individuals whenever possible.

Current Gear

Micro four-thirds system

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